Keep Clean
Water Clean

Protecting the Mississippi River and preserving it for future generations requires us to take bold action now. This is why we formed Our Mississippi Our Future – a coalition committed to engaging all Minnesotans in keeping clean water clean. 


Acting now to protect a healthy Mississippi River is a wise investment. Pollution is increasing rapidly. If we wait to take action, our river, economy and drinking water will all suffer serious consequences. It is incredibly expensive and difficult to try and clean up polluted waters. Protecting clean water is not.


Protecting and preserving the Mississippi River now means we will secure a source of clean drinking water for more than 1 million Minnesotans. 

It means we will protect critical habitat for birds, fish and wildlife. 

It means we will avoid the cost and consequences of cleaning polluted water later. 

It means we will pass on a legacy to our children and grandchildren, a Mississippi that provides clean drinking water and a place to fish, swim and enjoy.